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Welcome to PsyberResilience

PsyberResilience started a few years ago as a survey, to get a better idea of the nature and extent of mental illness, stress, and burnout in the cybersecurity industry. What those things are doing to the people in the industry, and how it could change the industry.

These videos are Phase 2. Now that we all know how extensive and serious, how real and big the problem is, it’s time to start learning that we can do for ourselves, and each other, to get a grip, to make ourselves more psyber resilient.

Although there aren’t too many studies yet, any that have been done suggest that the majority of people in the industry are struggling with mental health issues, whether it’s mental illness, stress, burnout, to the point that they have seriously thought about quitting. Not just their job. But the industry. That goes all the way up to CISOs

And I know very few people in this industry who are not struggling with high levels of stress. It’s hurting them and their loved ones. It’s hurting their careers and mission. It’s hurting the industry and every industry. And it’s making the security workforce challenges even tougher to solve.

And it just doesn’t have to be that way. Check out the first video below, and use this link to view all the episodes.



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