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There’s stress, there are stressors, and there are PsyberStressors

As I hope you’ll learn in some of the other episodes, or already have, understanding the difference between stressors and stress is crucial in managing stress, and in living a stressed-less life.

Stressors are all the things in life and work, maybe dozens of them, that have the potential to cause you stress. Stress is what happens if you let them.

If you can prevent stressors from taking root, from “getting” to you in a way that they shouldn’t, stress becomes more manageable.

In other episodes I talk about the types of stressors most people deal with. In this episode, I’ll talk specifically about PsyberStressors, the stressors that are pretty unique to the security world and career.

Recognizing them, understanding them, realizing that others are seeing and feeling the same things, even just saying them out loud, all helps to keep them at bay.




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