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Passions and Projects

The PsyberResilience Project

Our cybersecurity workforce are our digital first responders, and they’re breaking. A growing number of studies have suggested that in spite of extraordinary salaries and zero unemployment, nearly two thirds of the workforce have seriously considered quitting. Not just their job, but their career, the industry. All because of the skyrocketing impact of chronic stress and burnout. The PsyberResilience project is focused on teaching these first responders the critical skills to manage their stress.


The Mynde Project

The Mydne Project offers cities their own comprehensive, branded, and customed community mental health education portal, and at no cost. The goal is to provide residents with easy access to the right mental health education and support, and give and receive peer support. For cities, it’s an opportunity to provide a vital resource, make a strong statement against mental illness and stigma, and without having to worry about budgets.

A central part of the initiative is community emotional resilience, teaching resilience skills to residents to help make communities better able to cope with endless waves of stressful events.


Get A Grip!

As a result of the years of untreated mental illness and chronic stress that ended Neal’s Award-winning cybersecurity career, he began a new journey. Into his head. He wanted to understand how these illnesses worked, how stress can change and damage the brain, how brain chemistry really works and why just five hormones have such a strong grip on our mood and our happiness. Get A Grip! shares the results of that journey and those studies, the science that supports the therapies, and what happened when Neal tried them for himself.


Think Security First!

Think Security First! is Neal’s last real connection to the cybersecurity world, turning his four decades of cybersecurity work around the world into online education programs to teach employees and employers how to avoid the cyber crooks Neal met along the way.


In The Company Of Thieves

In The Company Of Thieves is a 25-minute documentary produced by Neal and the first to go inside the world of identity theft, to meet the thieves and con artists, the victims whose lives are turned upside down, and the prosecutors frustrated with a losing battle.

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