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****ing Stress!

****ing Stress – How I tamed my chronic and nearly deadly stress through a mixture of mindfulness, breathing, and some hacking skills I’d learned from a lifetime in cybersecurity.

After nearly thirty years of chronic stress, I had assumed it was unavoidable, inevitable. Until it nearly killed me. My stress came from a mixture of untreated mental illnesses that I struggled with for nearly 50 years; the incredible physical and psychological burden they inflicted; and the additional stress of trying to hide those illnesses so that they didn’t derail my reputation in an equally stressful career of cybersecurity. A career where we all thought that one failure, one serious security or data breach, could be a reputation killer and career-ender.

It turns out in the end the thing that nearly ended it all was the stress. Which also turned out to be all completely imaginary, in every way all in my head. If only I’d known that 30 years previously, how different my life might have been.

In this presentation, I’ll share some very open, candid, and personal insights about stress – from my own personal experiences, from speaking to hundreds of others who have struggled with chronic stress and burnout, and from the dozens of mental health professionals I’ve spoken with.

I’ll share what I learned about the mind, brain, and body connections of stress; how stress works – physically, biologically, psychologically, and chemically; and how doctors and neuroscientists believe we can tame and even completely eliminate stress.

And I’ll reveal what I discovered when I tried these techniques on myself, and especially when I approached my own stress from a cyber risk management perspective.

  • What is stress, why it’s so deadly, and why it’s almost always self-inflicted.
  • Understanding how the cortisol generated by stress is such a silent killer.
  • Understanding the difference between stress and stressors, and why that difference is so central to eliminating stress.
  • How mindfulness has been proven to help manage stress – from kids and teens to inmates and veterans with PTSD.
  • How proper breathing can tame the body, the mind, and your natural inclination to be stressed.
  • My own DAM system for managing stress – lessons learned from cybersecurity.
  • How I started to tame 30 years of chronic stress in just five minutes.
  • Stress and its connection to happiness, meaning and purpose, kindness and giving, gratitude, diet and exercise.

Duration: 60 minutes.

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