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Supercharge your blogging and other content with professional video blogging by one of the nation’s most experienced security and privacy experts, professionally recorded in our studio.

Whatever your audience – consumer, small business, enterprise, security industry, partners, MSPs, government, education – we can speak to them all because we’ve worked with them all.
Sure you could record your own video with your own smartphone, but we dare you to compare to what we can produce with a professional 2,000 sq. ft industrial loft studio, not to mention the best in cameras, lighting, audio, and editing, and a new and additional sound-proof studio that will allow us to record 24/7.
And the best part? It won't blow your budget, or even come close. In fact, it might cost you the same as or less than conventional text blogging. Click here to learn more and see some samples.

Repurpose Your Old Content

Remember all that great content that you created and posted over the last few months or even years, that told your story in a way that made you immensely proud, but only got a few views before disappearing into the vaults?

We can resurrect your previous blog content, dust it off, completely update and refresh it, and turn it into great attention-grabbing video. Content repurposing is on the rise, and it makes great sense because it's content you already invested in and which may be even more relevant than ever. Read Neil Patel’s insightful blog “Does Repurposing Content Work? Here’s a Data Driven Answer.”

And not only do the search engines not penalize you (because it's now considered new content), the search engines actually prefer video over text.

See A Sample

Customized For Every Platform

Video content is universal content, but that doesn’t mean it will work seamlessly across every platform. We ensure our video is customized for each and all the platforms you need including your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Just The Right Kind of Expert

There are security people, there are video people, and there are content people. Then there’s Neal O’Farrell, the rare trifecta. More than 35 years in global cybersecurity and privacy, working with governments, the intelligence community, banking, big business and small, consumers and employees. Multiple award winner, consumer champion, and advisor to numerous security companies and startups.

Not to mention the original Content Czar, author of more than a thousand blogs and articles, security writer and editor, documentary film maker, speaker and evangelist, and his own fully equipped professional video studio. Read more about Neal.

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Click here to view a larger image of Studio A, our "industrial" studio. Studio B, currently under construction, is a more contemporary, corporate style and sound-proof studio that can be used 24/7.



5 Reasons You Should Be Video Blogging.

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