Sample Video Blog
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This sample blog, targeted at a consumer audience, runs for a little over seven minutes. Five minutes would be an ideal duration for a typical video blog but it all depends on the story and the audience. Enterprise blogs sharing complex stories can run longer without losing the audience’ attention.

Consumer Sample

Phishing Sample

Any Audience And Topic

Consumer, small business, enterprise, Government, education, partners and MSPs, employees. We know them all and we’ve talked to them all.

Reprise and Repurpose Existing Content

Chances are you have a wealth of content, from blogs and articles to guides and whitepapers, and much of it very good and still relevant. We can mine that treasure trove and convert it into compelling and current video stories so that your investment can live on.

Branding and Look

This video was shot in our industrial-loft studio, and a new more contemporary corporate-look studio will be finished soon. The background set is used primarily for branding and can include up to eight monitors displaying a variety of branding components (like your website, logo, or corporate video clips). Or the background can use a pop-up display to make it look more like a corporate event or exhibit. The goal is to make our studio look like it’s yours.

A Blog with a Theme

It’s important to personalize your blog so that it takes on a life of its own. Each blog then becomes the latest episode in a continuing story about the journey of your company, your products, or the problems/threats you’re solving. That approach is more likely to create more fans and more repeat visitors.

Openers and Closers

Each blog can include branded openers and closers that help set the mood and tone, introduce the expert, and provide a call to action, and can be with or without background music.

Existing Video Content

If you have existing video content, we can include it in our blogs, either as the centerpiece of a story or as b-roll to make the video look more organic and native.


Lighting helps set the mood and tone. This sample blog uses slightly darker lighting, while the sample clip below it shows a slightly lighter set. We can go brigther and darker, and very edgy night shooting is also an option.