Learn About Our Process
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Our process is whatever you decide. But this is how we would normally work with a client.


  • We’ll start by learning about your business, your solutions, audiences, messaging, challenges, competitors, and current content marketing (it helps that we've been in the security business for more than three decades and probably have most of these answers).


  • We’ll develop a flexible blogging schedule, ideally looking 3-6 months out but always ready to adapt.


  • We'll start by creating new video blogs from new content, or working with you to identify existing content you'd like to repurpose.


  • Content can focus on current security issues and challenges, breaking news, key messages, product/service explainers, conversations for partners and MSPs, executive and expert profiles.


  • Target audiences can include consumers, customers, small businesses, enterprise, government, education, partners – you name it, we can speak to it. Or them.


  • We’ll produce up 2-4 videos each month, with an average length of 5 minutes but ranging from 3 to 10 minutes.


  • We’ll deliver from beginning to end – writing and approving the script, taping and editing the video, and delivering the final product for all the required platforms (your website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.).


  • Where applicable, we’ll incorporate existing video and related assets and supplement with original and native b-roll.


  • If you have interviews with executives and experts, or videotaped customer testimonials, we can build a story around those too.


And of course, you get to add Neal's distinguished career, expertise, credibility, insights, passion, and voice to your already stellar team. Persuaded? Contact Neal at emailme(at)nealofarrell.com and let's start a conversation.


It's Like Your Own Studio

We want our studio to look like it’s your studio, so we work hard on branding. For example, your brand, logo, and other assets can be prominently displayed on up to ten monitors in the background. We can also include background advertising, display systems, and even scatter a little branded swag for that final touch.

And Your Own Channel

To further develop your blog brand as a powerful communications tool, we can help you create your own blog channel (think of it like your own security series) and even give it its own name and brand. This could significantly improve traffic, views, and shares.

We can also offer different set styles and backgrounds, day or night shoots, corporate or edgy, industrial or modern, multiple cameras and multiple camera angles etc.