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Get A Grip

Get A Grip

What can an award-winning cybersecurity veteran teach you about mental wellness, brain health, and stress elimination? How about how it took him just five minutes to figure out how to tame 50 years of mental illnesses, and 30 years of chronic stress that eventually led to complete burnout and a close call with suicide.


After decades of untreated mental illness and chronic stress finally put an end to Neal’s forty-year cybersecurity career, the first thing he did was to reject his doctor’s advice of therapy and medications.

Rather than form a dependence on the obvious, instead Neal embarked on a much different journey. He wanted to find out how the brain really worked, what made some people mentally ill and others mentally well. That enquiry led to a three-year investigation into the mind and the brain, the foundation of mental illness and wellness, and how the brain manages things like happiness, joy, optimism, memory, love, and everything we think, feel, and are.

Not only did he dig deep into the science behind all the therapies for brain health, from mindfulness and breathing, to sweet potatoes and cow hugging, he also started trying these therapies on himself to see if they actually worked and if they would help him get a grip on his own demons.

“You’re not what you think, you’re not your thoughts. But you are how you think, and here’s how.”

Get A Grip is the result of that journey. In this presentation, Neal will share:

  1. How it really took just five minutes for him to figure out how to get such a powerful and healing grip on his mental health.
  2. The five chemicals or neurotransmitters you need to get intimately acquainted with, that are central to your mood and mental health, and how you can get a grip over them.
  3. Why mindfulness, and especially when combined with breathing, could be the single greatest thing you can do for your physical and mental health.
  4. Understanding the two most important terms in brain health, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, and how you’re in charge of both.
  5. How the right type of music, the right type of learning, and the right type of exercise can help to grow, strengthen, and even heal your brain.
  6. How to eliminate stress in your life without having to change anything in your life.
  7. How you can make yourself happier just by thinking about it.
  8. How meaning and purpose, giving and kindness, and gratitude can help you rewire your brain to live your longest and best life.
  9. What types of foods the brain craves, and that can also ward off dementia and alzheimers.
  10. How simple changes in the way you breathe could have profound effects on your mental and physical health.
  11. What we can learn about mental health from the world’s greatest Blue Zones
  12. What the future of brain training and mind health will look like.

And not the urban folklore or the commercial hype, but the science and the evidence.


DURATION: 45-60 min, online or in person.

To learn more, contact Neal.


“We could not find a better way to help articulate our March 11th 2021 #SVBTA Event Speaker’s Smart and Charismatic style, so … here he is! Take a minute to listen and imagine the Great Value that you will take-away when you attend: “Get A Grip! Taming The Emotional Chaos In A Disrupted World” Neal received our Highest 2019 Attendee Satisfaction Survey Results. 95% Overall Value and 93% Education Value. Huge.”

The Silicon Valley Business Travel Association

“The presenter is absolutely wonderful, and the information is EXCELLENT! I am delighted at how the presenter openly and unapologetically discussed his personal experiences with mental health. So many people suffer from anxiety, depression, etc., and this just helps to reinforce with people that they are not alone. THANK YOU!!!!!”
Conference Participant

“Thank you for your amazing and truly relevant content in today’s environment which is heavily impacting Mental Health.”
Seminar Participant, 2021

“I strongly recommend Neal as a speaker! Neal’s honesty and self-reflection on his experiences helped remove any stigma around the conversation; resulting in excellent audience participation including sharing their concerns, stressors, and coping mechanisms. Thank you Neal!”
Drew Mitchell – President, Silicon Valley Business Travel Association

“I really enjoyed Neal’s presentation today about Taming the Emotional Chaos in a Disrupted World. Lots of useful ideas with backed science behind them. I look forward to attending his talks again in the future.”
Barbara Arena, Oracle Corporation





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