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Episode 9

Episode 9: Happiness And Mental Health

Einstein was such a fan of happiness and its role in brain health that he even created a theory for it. Which is why in this episode I talk about why happiness is not just something we should all strive for, want to be, but it’s also fantastic, maybe even central to our long term brain health.

Happiness is also something you can create and manage and tweak to suit yourself, and it could also save the world.

And your goal should never really be happiness, but the better, more realistic path of happierness – each day, incrementally, making yourself just a little happier than the day before.

Best of all, there’s also lots of really interesting science to support the idea, the belief, that happier people have much better lives. And here’s a twist for the Times. Psychologists also tell us that the easiest path to happiness is not wealth or success or fame or even friends – but kindness.


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