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Episode 8

Episode 8: Food, Mood, And Your Brain Health

I love to say that while you are not what you think, you’re not your thoughts, you are how you think. And how you think does actually depend on what you eat. You think with your brain and your brain thinks best, most clearly, when it’s properly nourished.

There are certain things that your brain craves and needs that are either in food or are triggered by eating certain foods.

The brain likes these things, these nutrients, because they help prevent damage to the brain through things like inflammation and oxidative stress. The kind of stress and damage, cell damage that can lead to early cognitive decline and things like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

They help keep brain cells and synapses healthy so they can keep growing, and brain growth makes you healthier – and even smarter. They can prevent the creation or build up of certain substances that can lead to cognitive decline, like Alzheimer’s.

And they can help improve blood flow throughout the brain, blood flow that’s essential in getting these nutrients where they need to be – the door dash for the brain.


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