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Episode 6

Episode 6: How Breathing Can Change Your Brain – And Your life

There’s a very well-known neuroscientist who’s constantly saying that even one good single breath can be the most precise pharmaceutical you could ever give yourself.

It’s not an overstatement or exaggeration to suggest that correct breathing is central to mental health, to mood, and especially to stress management.  The simple act of breathing correctly, and doing so regularly, can utterly change your mood and mental health, and still your mind.

Deep breathing is central to managing anxiety, it’s at the heart of mindfulness and meditation, to managing panic attacks, to helping with PTSD, to helping with focus, attention, memory.

It can also help rebalance and re-calibrate those critical brain chemicals, reducing the potential toxicity of cortisol, and increasing the good chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. All chemicals that make you feel better, usually very quickly, and are critical to long-term brain health.


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