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Episode 5

Episode 5: The Miracle of Mindfulness

If you’ve heard me speak on this topic before, you’ll know that I attribute just five minutes of mindfulness, for the very first time, to helping me to start getting a grip on fifty years of mental illness and 30 years of chronic stress.

And if you’re a regular practitioner of mindfulness, then you probably don’t need to be persuaded about the incredible healing powers of such a simple idea, and how it can tremendously impact and benefit your mental and physical health.

There are more than 50 years of research, more than 4000 scientific studies in fact, that support the belief that practicing mindfulness, simply changing the way that you think and breathe, can change and grow your brain, can help heal your brain, can make you smarter and more focused, can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, strengthen and preserve memory.

It can help with more than half a dozen mental health challenges, with more than a dozen physical health benefits, and can completely tame stress



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