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Episode 12

Episode 12: The Future Of Mental Health

Just imagine, sensors on buildings throughout a city that can communicate with your watch or other wearable and detect when your stress is rising.

And maybe In response, the sensors could immediately give you a little nudge to tell you that it’s okay. Slow down, enjoy the moment, take a deep breath.

Smart pills that can tell exactly how well your body is absorbing a medication. Toad venom and LSD to treat depression, better and faster. Maybe Alexa and Siri will be the new therapists. Virtual reality will be able to treat more than half a dozen mental illnesses, even turn back brain aging.

Speaking of therapists, we will probably all have one, living on our devices, the smartest therapists that ever existed and tuned into our minds, our moods, even the tones in our voices. Skeptical? It’s already here.


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