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Banjaxed! Chapters

This is it, this is Banjaxed! Finally.

A gentle Irish word for broken. This is the first draft, nearly 75,000 words, but only formatted for the web, not as a book, so please forgive how scantily dressed it might seem.

I’d love to know what you think before I stick my head out the window of this speeding train (Chapter 9). Use this contact form to comment or chat, or email me at, wait for it –



I was told that the first words of a new book are always the hardest. So I left this ‘til the end. But they were wrong.

The events in this book happened more than 30 years ago and are all true. But while I pride myself on a great memory, it’s not a flawless one, so there’s always the possibility that I misremembered certain small facts, names, or conversations.

Most of the names have been changed. Many events have been left out, mainly because I’m still nervous to talk or write about them. That’s as forward as I can be. This is for the bnjxd.


Chapter 1 The Man from Intrepid

Chapter 2 A Phone Call About a Phone

Chapter 3 A Kingdom for a Boy

Chapter 4 The Boy Who Would be King

Chapter 5 My Grand Aunt the King

Chapter 6 The Road to the Sun

Chapter 7 Closer to the Sun

Chapter 8 The Sun

Chapter 9 The Marrakesh Express

Chapter 10 A Bugger’s Life

Chapter 11 The Fire and the Water

Chapter 12 Fake it until you make it or you break it or it breaks you

Chapter 13 Orla

Chapter 14 The Holy Trinity

Chapter 15 You’re an Undertaker Now

Chapter 16 Burn rate

Chapter 17 It Would be Called Milcode

Chapter 18 The Day Willie Nelson came to Town

Chapter 19 A King is Born

Chapter 20 On the Threshold of a Dream

Chapter 21 To the Waters and the Wild



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