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Blue Zones

Welcome To The Blue Zones

If you’re not familiar with Blue Zones, this is a project started as a National Geographic expedition, a long-term study of just 5 places around the world where people consistently lived the healthiest and the longest. And where cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s were almost non-existent.

These are areas where people reach age 100 at 10 times greater rates than in the United States. The zones are Loma Linda in California, Nicoya in Costa Rica Sardinia in Italy; Ikaria, Greece; and Okinawa Japan.

What scientists learned quickly about the zones, before even calling them blue zones, was that the people living in them all have a certain commonality. They have the right diet, they get the right amount of exercise, they have real friendships and social connections, they have the right attitudes and outlooks, they have meaning and purpose, and they manage their stress levels right.


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