Don't Let A Security Failure Define you. Or Derail You.

Introducing Breach of Trust, Cybersecurity Education  For Financial Professionals

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What if employee security awareness could be turned into an employee benefit? Would that make a difference? We think so.

This is the Privide way

Latest News: Privide founder partners with Credit Sesame, Malwarebytes, Lookout and many others to raise security awareness in communities across America. Learn more.

High Net Worth

The Affluent Identity

Experts call the Affluent Identities, crooks call them Candy Stores. Find out why high net worth families are such a big target for hackers and identity thieves. More.

Professional Practices

In The Company of Thieves

When Privide founder videotaped his jail-house conversations with some notorious identity thieves, the confessions were frank. Check out the documentary.

Small Business

Meet Privide

He's been described as the most expreienced personal security expert on the planet, and his speciality is people security. Meet the founder of the people security company.

When we asked the FBI if they could recommend a world class speaker on identity theft, they unequivocally recommended Neal O'Farrell. They told us that even if we couldn't get him in person, put him on speakerphone and have him call it in. He's that good.

- Mark M. Fujiwara, Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC/ Fujiwara Paschal Group


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Latest  News

Find out what we're up to, what events we're speaking at, how we're changing security, and what the media are saying. Check out our latest news and events.

Understanding the Risks

We Live Awareness!

The founder of Privide is leading a nationwide campaign, in partnership with security and business leaders, to raise security awareness in communities across America. Lean more.

The Best Experts

Breach of Trust Webinars

Breach of Trust provides more than five hours of expert, online, anytime education on cybersecurity, data breaches, identity theft, malware and so much more, and specifically for the financial professional. Learn more.

website security

Payment Processing

Security Buzz

Privide founder partners with security leaders to raise consumer awareness one community at a time. Learn more.

Could the spike in tax id theft be connected to a massive hidden data breach? Privide founder talks about it with the Wall St. Journal.


Serving the Community

As part of our long-standing commitment to the community and to victims, Privide supports the Identity Theft Council, an award-winning non-profit founded in 2010 to provide free support to victims, free training to law enforcement, and free education to the community.